MENTAL HEALTH: Get a lid on it!

Let me help you to truly get a lid on it. OVERSTIMULATION! Is the theme of todays busy society. Not knowing if we are going or coming can be exhausting. Yet this is the environment that most of our brains prance around in on a daily basis. Hold on! Our mental capacities floating around in an environment of constant stress is NOT NORMAL. Sooner or later something gives. And that something is our body systems and state of wellbeing. Period! STRIKE A HEALTHY BALANCE STARTING TODAY.

I will assess and address your level of STRESS, PRE- SLEEP & SLEEP PATTERNS; CONSCIOUS MIND AT REST, SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AWAKE and I will provide guidance for you to achieve harmony.



Work Life Balance



Home atmosphere

Self evaluation

Self talk




Sleep patterns


Modalities to acquire adequate sleep

Planning your next day


"Do the things that you love and be good to others during the process"

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Fresh Vegetables in Basket

NUTRITION: Eat the good stuff!

Do you eat to live or live to eat? Go back to eating smart. I will identify key foods that are a must for adequate homeostasis. Eating the right foods can be fun, self-esteem boosting and it is the responsible thing to do. LET ME HELP YOU TO ACQUIRE THE WISDOM, GAIN THE INSIGHT AND EMBARK ON A NEW PATH. Learn to eat food as our medicine so that we do not have to eat modern day medicine as our food.


along with a keen focus on GUT HEALTH


I will guide you:

Becoming friendly with your digestive system and taking care of it so that it can take care of you 

Eating sensible easy to find food that nourish and clean your body at the same time; (your skin and hair will smile in appreciation)

Making the clean dozen a priority

Antioxidant at flash

Food in relation to chakras and chakra balancing

Diabetics- keeping diabetes in check with certain foods

Recipes that are a must to incorporate into your lifestyle 

Fighter nutrients, raw food vs cooked, fasting, plant base nutrition, anti-inflammatory food, alkaline body environment, over 150 healthiest food and more


Are you digesting the right emotional component? This is a must in order for you to shift into emotional well being. What are you feeding your thoughts? What does silence sound like to you? A state of chatter? What is YOUR BIGGEST PAIN POINT? PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. With my guidance you will come to terms with what they are and we will begin your healing from there.

I will guide you to achieve EMOTIONAL WELLBEING by:


Emotional Self Assessment

Pillars of a meaningful life 

Areas of your foundation


Home environment: Atmosphere that will foster wellbeing and having a sacred space


Using media to foster Wellbeing

Sound to tune out chatter

The medicine wheel


"Diet is an important aspect of healing. However, it is only a part of it. Reason being, no matter how healthy our habits are, our health isn't primarily derived from "WHAT WE EAT BUT FROM WHAT WE DIGEST." The real healing shift comes not from when we change our lifestyle but from when we find the emotional component that's supporting our issue, then do the necessary work to release it."                                        (The Clarity Cleanse pg.144  Habib Sadeghi DO)

Live Your best Life Now